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Photo by Chris Monaghan


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Fans of the old man know that Muddy Waters was truly a "Hoochie Coochie Man". And Muddy Waters' first son was born in 1954 and given his mother's maiden name. The boy was raised by his mother and often heard the nicknames of "Muddy", Muddy Jr." and "Little Muddy", but currently goes by MUD. It was hard for the young boy who rarely saw his famous father, however, Mud did keep in contact over the years and the old man was always there for him. As a youth and young man, Mud kept a low profile. He was always involved with music on a personal level, but only recently has he stepped forward to embrace his musical gifts - a big voice that can only be compared to his daddy! Mud is now ready to honor his dad and his music. Watching Mud is like taking a trip in a time machine to blues heaven - you won't believe your ears and eyes! Mud sounds and looks like his old man in a way that no one else can! One of his dad's former sidemen said "It's like watching a ghost in the flesh!" Come and check Mud out for yourself you won't be disappointed.

Son of the Seventh Son 2012 - Severn