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Born in 1971, Benjie began playing trumpet at the age of ten. But it wasn't until he took up piano two years later that everything fell into place. Already drawn to jazz and blues, he began to practice relentlessly, and after graduating from high school and attending a semester at the Berklee School of Music, he decided to pursue music full-time.

Gigging with three different bands simultaneously provided Benjie with a lot of work and diversity - something he enjoyed. But his first passion was always jazz and blues and that became his major focus. He persisted at his craft and eventually found himself gigging with musicians like Chuck Brown, Marshall Keys and Pieces Of A Dream. It was through these experiences that he learned an almost chameleon-like ability to play many styles of music on piano, synthesizer, and organ. This versatility keeps Benjie one of the Mid - Atlantic's most in demand session and sideman.

The Rest of My Life, Severn CD 0011
Servin' It Up, Severn CD 0005

Benjie Porecki, Going On Through, Funklove ProductionsBP-96
Chuck Brown, Timeless, Raw Venture Records VPA-0006
Chris Dudley & Mythology, Lovely Daze, Geometric Records 203
Ron Holloway, Groove Update, Milestone/Fantasy MCD-9726-2
Darrell Nulisch, The Whole Truth, Severn Records SEV-0003
Darrell Nulisch, I Like It That Way, Severn Records SEV-0007
Mary Ann Redmond, Live At Blues Alley, Spellbound 222-2
Unity Reggae Band, Nation Time, IREE Productions D161171
Chuck Brown, The Spirit Of Christmas, Raw Venture Records VPA-8
Tom Forsey, Another Chapter Down, T4C Records T4C-01
Roy Gaines, New Frontier Lover, Severn Records SEV-0008
Big Joe & the Dynaflows, All Night Long, Severn Records SEV-0009
Lou Pride, Words Of Caution, Severn Records SEV-0017
Lou Pride, Keep On Believing, Severn Records SEV-0037