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Warren Boes
Phone 410.236.8833




All Mighty Senators is a rhythm fused quintet from Baltimore, which has toured the United States and Canada extensively. AMS released their first recordings under Baltimore indie Merkin Records before releasing four albums under their own Dog Eat Dog Records to both critical and popular acclaim.

Their live shows, fronted by the charismatic Landis Expandis and guitar-god Warren Boes, have remained one of the most revered on the East Coast, and have established AMS with a diverse and rabid following, ranging from indie-philes to rave cadets to festival freaks. Although their genre defying sounds have drawn comparisons to such disparate acts as Sly and The Family Stone, Frank Zappa and Beck, AMS continue to be one of the few true originals. With their latest offerings, "Music Is Big Business" and “All Mighty Senators - Checkered Past, New Tomorrow: Essential AMS (1988 - 2005)”, AMS have cooked up yet more postmodern musical stew that reveals why they are on the forefront of today's rapidly evolving music scene.

I bumped into these Senators when they opened for the Pretenders recently, which proves the virtue of getting to shows on time. Singer - drummer Landis Expandis hit his kit standing up, in a pimp - adelic fur hat - like a love child of Sly Stone and the Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker - as the Senators packed Family Stone - style horns and shout - along hooks into their party mix of the Roots and the Specials. "What we wanna do is take to the future in an old school time machine," Expandis claims here in "Soul." The Senators will do just that when they come your way. For now, enjoy these jams and the irony in the title song. The punch line: "No, it's not!" (Rolling Stone issue 918 >> March 20, 2003, page 66, Out There with David Fricke)

Checkered Past, New Tomorrow: Essential AMS (1988-2005), Severn CD 0038

Music Is Big Business, Dog Eat Dog Records
Raw Power Live!, Pheonix Presents
SuperFriends EP, Dog Eat Dog Records
Flow, Fowl Records
An Evening with All Mighty Senators, Dog Eat Dog Records
All Mighty Senators, Dog Eat Dog Records
Spit Fire Why? 12" EP, Merkin Records
Wink 7", Merkin Records