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1. Bloogaloo
Johnny Moeller (Moe Jo Music/ De Music, BMI)

2. I'm Movin' On Up
Johnny Moeller (Moe Jo Music/ DE Music, BMI)

3. Trick Bag
Earl King (EMI Unart Catalog Inc, BMI)

4. Got A Feelin'
Jessie Anderson (Fort Knox Music, Inc/ Trio Music Company, Inc., BMI)

5. I'm Stuck On You
Ladell "Slim" Hill (Publisher Unknown)

6. Theme From The One Armed Swordsman
Johnny Moeller (Moe Jo Music/ DE Music, BMI)

7. Everybody's Got To Cry Sometime
Cy Coben (Bug Music OBO Delmore Music, BMI)

8. Raise Your Hands
Johnny Moeller (Moe Jo Music/ DE Music, BMI)

9. Well Goodbye Baby
Caronna, Sims (Music Collection International, BMI)

10. Shufflin' Around
Johnny Moeller (Moe Jo Music/ DE Music, BMI)

11. Tease Me Baby
Hooker, Besman (University Music Careers, BMI)

Johnny Moeller's guitar playing is full of voodoo and lighting. The floating bent notes, delicately singing phrases, bursts of staccato picking, and ringing piano-like chords that he sculpts into vibrant solos bring all the beauty, power, and mystery of the blues to life.
Moeller, who leads his own bands and is a member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, is the latest in a long line of six-string wizards to hail from Austin. Although his playing is influenced by legendary Lone Star staters like Alber Collins, Lightnin' Hopkins and the Vaughan Brothers, "I've never really tried to emulate anybody else," he explains. "I have my own thing, which is blues based, and then I like to mix in everything else I love: soul, jazz, funk and rock 'n' roll."
In his role as Severn Records house guitarist, Moeller has lent artful licks to albums by Darrell Nulisch, Lou Pride, Steve Guyger and others. In addition toBloogaloo! Moeller has two previous discs to his own credit: 1996'sThe Return of the Funky Worm and 2001'sJohnny Blues Aggregation..

" This guy's a monster and should be recognized as one fo the world's top musicians." Kim Wilson
Johnny Moeller: Vocals & Guitars
Steve Gomes: Bass & Guidance
Matt Farrell: Piano & Organ
Rob Stupka: Drums & Smiles
Kim Wilson: Vocals/Harmonica (4,9)
Louann Barton: Vocals (5,7)
Shawn Pittman: Vocals (2)
Gary Clark Jr: Background Vocals & horns (8)
James Bullard: Background Vocals (8)
Dave Finnell: Trumpet
Frank Mitchell: Saxophone
Mike Barfield: Maracas & Hollerin
J. Moeller: Bangin & Hollerin
Executive Producer: David Earl
Produced by: Johnny Moeller
Recorded and engineered by: David Earl at Severn Records
Additional Recording by: David Boyle at Church House Studios
Mixed by: David Boyle at Church House Studios
Mastered by: Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering
Design by: Al Brandter
Photography by: Micahl Wychoff
Except inside center panel by: Josh Barber
Johnny plays: Nash Guitars