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1. RH Blues
Buck Hill, Barney Music, BMI

2. Relax
Buck Hill, Buck Hill Music, BMI

3. Old Folks
Willard Robison/Dedette Lee Hill, Warner Bros Music, ASCAP

4. Little Bossa
Buck Hill, Steeplechase, BMI

5. Flamenco Sketches
Miles Davis, Sony/ATV Songs LLC OBO Jazz Horn Music, BMI

6. Prancing
Miles Davis, Sony/ATV Songs LLC OBO Jazz Horn Music, BMI

7. Milestones
Miles Davis, Screen Gems-EMI Music INC, BMI

8. Sad Ones
Buck Hill, Steeplechase, BMI

Relax is the long awaited cd from 79 year old Roger "Buck" Hill. A product of DC, Buck went to high school with many locals such as Leo Parker, George Botts, Charlie Rouse, Leo Williams and Jimmy Cobb to name a few. Buck performs three Miles Davis tunes, the standard "Old Folks" and several originals. Recorded with no overdubs, the sound is full, relaxed and swinging.

"At a time when Bop Brats dominate the headlines and the obits are getting longer and sadder, Jazz needs Buck Hill more than ever." BILL SHOEMAKER, DOWNBEAT

"A veritable phenomenon whose robust and swinging approach is absolutely irrepressible." CHUCK BERG, JAZZTIMES

"His swinging and brawny horn sounds better than ever now... Hill continues to make a case for himself as one of the most vital tenor men alive." BOB YOUNG, JAZZ TRADITIONS

"His albums are occasions: never overreaching, they present Mr. Hill as a boss tenor; assertive, fluent in bee-bop and magnanimous." THE NEW YORK TIMES
A product of District of Columbia schools, Buck went to Armstrong High with many of the locals who later became well known in the music business, i.e., Leo Parker, George Botts, Charlie Rouse, Leo Williams and Jimmy Cobb to name a few. Buck didn't travel as much as he could have for a long time, choosing to stay close to home to raise his family. He was a U. S. Postal employee for more than forty years. However he played his horns at any given chance and was well known all over in the music world. Sonny Stitt always looked for Buck whenever he came to town. Buck encouraged drummer Billy Hart; and the late Shirley Horn was very fond of Buck and they often performed and recorded together.

Buck traveled to the North Sea Jazz Festival with all Washington D.C. personnel. Rubin Brown (p), Wilbur Little (b) and Billy Hart (d). Through out the years I've heard Buck in various settings, i.e., from small groups to big bands. As an ever reaching artist Buck has come to another milestone !!! with this CD. He has added the organ along with guitar and drums. Two members are from his regular group Jon Ozment, who is on the organ and Jerry Jones on drums. In addition Paul Pieper is on guitar for this setting. With this combination Buck is touching all bases. The sound is full, relaxed and swinging.

R.H (BUCK HILL) Buck comes out swinging (the R.H. must mean Red Hot.) Paul Pieper is swinging in self defense, while Jon Ozment compliments, keeping up in his own way and Jerry Jones is swinging from the top as always. Pay close attention to Jerry throughout the CD. As always, very tasteful.

RELAX (BUCK HILL) The title tune is just that. Buck comes out first laying back; Jon starts to teach, Jerry is there; The ending is humorous "they sing".

OLD FOLKS (DEDETTE HILL, WILLIAM ROBINSON) is a tune that Charlie Parker recorded back in the early 1950s. Buck takes us on the ballad approach, with shades of the Parker & choir. Jon is tipping through his opening as if someone is resting, back comes Buck, giving a clear picture of Old Folks. Paul says he can still them in his mind and smiles.

LITTLE BOSSA (BUCK HILL) Jon comes in after the theme and starts to dance with melody. Jerry is comping and swinging and here comes Buck. Paul does some twirls, then leaves. Theme and out.

FLAMENCO SKETCHES (MILES DAVIS) Starts with an interplay with Buck and Paul. Buck does Buck, Paul takes it through the Latin Countries for a quick tour, back comes Buck whispering

PRANCING (MILES DAVIS) Sax and guitar interplay; Sax is swinging, Jon comps, Jerry swings. Very tasteful. For a person who is known for playing the piano Jon handles the organ very well. It's a different transition and feel altogether.

MILESTONES (MILES DAVIS) There are very few who play this tune, which was done by Miles first time as a leader, with Charlie Parker on tenor. This group is giving a very special interpretation of a historical tune.

SAD ONES (BUCK HILL) Please don't be sad. Just start the CD over and smile for that's what this group does on this CD. I hope there is another one soon !!! On behalf of the group and myself tell your friends to get this long awaited CD and "RELAX"

BUCK HILL would like to thank David Earl for giving an old man a record, John Ozment and Paul Pieper for their great playing and Jerry Jones for bringing new material and inspiration to the project.

JERRY JONES thanks the creator for the abilities, David Earl for seeing the vision and Buck Hill for the opportunity to work by his side. Special thanks to Jamal Mohamed for writing the liner notes.

Buck Hill: Tenor Sax
John Ozment: Hammond A100
Paul Pieper: Guitar
Jerry Jones: Drums
Steve Cyphers & Buck Hill: Voices on "Relax"
Produced by Jerry Jones And Buck Hill
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered At Severn Studios, Severn, MD
Engineered by David Earl And Eric Lemley
Graphic Design by Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, IL
Photography by Jude Finnell And David Earl