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1. Jelly Roll All-Stars Intro
Spoken, Arthur Williams

2. Baby Don't Say That No More
J. Reed - Conrad Music, A Div. Of Arc Music Corp. / The Seeds Of Reed Music, BMI

3. Reed Rap
Spoken, Arthur Williams

4. I'm Gonna Get My Baby
J. Reed - Conrad Music, A Div. Of Arc Music Corp. / The Seeds Of Reed Music, BMI

5. Sun Is Shining
E.G. Abner, C. Carter, J. Reed - Conrad Music, A Div. Of Arc Music Corp. / The Seeds Of Reed Music, BMI

6. If I Ever Get Flush Again
Words By James Mathus - Shorty Brown Publishing, Inc. / Music By Jelly Roll All-Stars - Diamond Jay Music / De Music, BMI

7. King Motel
Jesse Hoggard - De Music, BMI

8. Jelly Roll Strut
Jelly Roll All-Stars - Diamond Jay Music / De Music, BMI

9. Arkansas Boogie
Jesse Hoggard - De Music, BMI

10. Eye To Eye
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - Radai Music / De Music, BMI

11. Feels Too Good (To Be Bad)
Jesse Hoggard - De Music, BMI

12. Country Girl
B.B. King - Careers Bmg Music Pub. / Universal Duchess Music Corp., BMI

13. Nine Below Zero
Willie Williamson - Arc Music Corp., BMI

14. Tryin' To Find It
Jelly Roll All-Stars - Diamond Jay Music / De Music, BMI

"If you think this CD has a 'live' sound, it's no accident: it was recorded in one room, with no "isolation booths", no overdubs and everybody playing together. Other than a slight echo effect now and again, it was undertaken without electronic enhancement, using 'genre-appropriate equipment (!)' and, by and large, with one take per track. In other words, what you have here is real blues men playing real blues music in a very real way!
"Don't get me wrong, I listen to a lot of recorded music… in fact, I've produced a few records… and I appreciate sonically pleasing music, the likes of what's produced using socalled state of the art equipment, digital gear and electronic effects. But that's what you get on almost every record (yes, CD's are records, by virtue of the fact that they are recorded) out there today. It's the norm. We strove for something different—something in keeping with the music and artists we were privileged to record.
"You see, Sam Carr, Fuzz Jones, Big Eyes Smith and Arthur Williams (and stellar accompanists, Bob Lohr and Jesse Hoggard)—the Jelly Roll All-Stars, don't just play the music that's the foundation of all that's come after it, they live the lives of its creation. As we like to say when we talk about these men and their art, 'If you're suited for undiluted, let the Jelly Roll!'"
Special thanks to Jerry Pillow, Mark O' Shaughnessy, John May, Joe Edwards, Duy Trinh, the "spiritual advisers" at BB's Jazz Blues & Soups in St. Louis: Eric Helwig, Nick Helwig and Sharon Hoskins, Martyn & Mandy Hillery, Gene & Carol Tomko, all the gang at the Rauma Blues Festival-Rauma Finland, Amos Harvey, Carson Lamm at Rum Boogie Cafe, Memphis, Dave Beardsley

Arthur Williams: Vocals on tracks 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, Harp on all tracks except 1 and 3, Spoken Intro on tracks 1 and 3
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: Drums on tracks 5, 6, 9, 11, 12 and 14, Vocals on tracks 2 and 10, Tambourine on track 2
Calvin "Fuzz" Jones: Bass Guitar
Sam Carr: Drums on tracks 2, 7, 8 and 10
Jesse Hoggard: Guitar on all tracks, Vocals on tracks 7, 9 and 11
Bob Lohr: Acoustic/Electric Piano
Produced by James Mathus, Bob Lohr And Douglas Rayburn
Executive Producer: Jay Sheffield
Recorded by James Mathus and Will Dawson at Delta Recording Service, Clarksdale, MS
Mixed and Edited by Bob Lohr and Douglas Rayburn at The Benton Park Studio, St. Louis, MO
Mastered by David Earl at Severn Studios, Severn MD
Photography by Steve Roberts
Design by Al Brandtner